05.11 Episode 99
Airdate: September 7, 2001

On a deserted road, a Russian military convoy is stopped, and a Jaffa prisoner is taken into custody. On a street in Colorado, Major Carter is kidnapped and taken away in an unmarked van. Days later, the search for Carter has turned up no clues, and O'Neill turns to Maybourne for help in finding her. However, Maybourne can only suggest that User 4574, Colonel Simmons, is behind Carter's disappearance. O'Neill travels to the Pentagon to confront Simmons, who insists that the NID is not involved, and he returns suspicion to Maybourne, who has recently received a sizable payment from a secret private corporation.

O'Neill tracks down Maybourne once more, and learns the nature of his involvement. Maybourne had been hired to deliver a symbiote, captured from the Russian military, to Zetatron Industries, a multimillion-dollar corporation headed by the reclusive Adrian Conrad. He claims no knowledge of the motive behind Zetaron's clandestine acquisition, but clearly there is a connection to the disappearance of Carter, and he teams with O'Neill to find her. Meanwhile, Carter finds herself restrained in a deserted hospital, the subject of medical tests by doctors who have full knowledge of the stargate program, and of her past experience as a Tok'ra host.

Adrian Conrad is in the final stages of Burchardt's Syndrome, an incurable disease, and his intention is to allow himself to be implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote and to use the information learned from tests on Carter to safely remove it once he is cured. He proceeds with the implantation, but SG-1 finds and rescues Carter before the tests are completed. Conrad, now a Goa'uld, escapes. He is confronted by O'Neill, who is shot in the back, as Colonel Simmons emerges from the shadows. Simmons takes Conrad into custody, where he is detained in an NID holding cell, in negotiation for the exchange of information.

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: William Gereghty

Guest Starring: John de Lancie as Colonel Frank Simmons, Tom McBeath as Colonel Harry Maybourne, Bill Marchant as Adrian Conrad, Andrew Johnston as Doctor, Ted Cole as Doctor, Carrie Genzel as Diana Mendez, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Robert Manitopyes as Guard, Jay Kramer as Guard, Frank C. Turner as Homeless Man, Tammy Pentecost as Assistant, Sasha Piltsin as Driver, Raoul Ganeev as Roadblock Soldier, Igor Morozov as Roadblock Soldier

Reference: Adrian Conrad, Harry Maybourne, Diana Mendez, NID, NID Rogue Operation, Pentagon, Russians, Russian Stargate, Frank Simmons


St. Christina's Hospital

Adrian Conrad