05.18 Episode 106
Airdate: April 12, 2002

K'tano, a charismatic leader, claims to be the former First Prime of Imhotep, a minor Goa'uld. Now a free Jaffa, having killed the Goa'uld he served as a false god, K'tano is gathering an army on Cal Mah, a planet of sanctuary for rebel Jaffa. Bra'tac and Teal'c believe that K'tano may represent the salvation they have been seeking, and they approach the SGC with a request for support. In a token gesture, SG-1 delivers food, supplies, and weapons to Cal Mah in the hope of forming an alliance with the growing rebel army against the Goa'uld.

On Cal Mah, SG-1 finds a growing alliance of Jaffa, joining with former enemies in a common cause. However, their ways are different from those of Earth, and O'Neill is particularly troubled by the fanatical allegiance and indifference to death shown by K'tano's followers. His concerns are overlooked, however, especially by Teal'c, even when K'tano's army takes dangerous risks during a raid of Nirrti's planet. When a young follower blindly accepts a suicide mission through the gate, O'Neill fears that K'tano is amassing power for personal gain. He withdraws his support of an alliance and prepares to leave, however Teal'c chooses to remain.

K'tano plans to attack Lord Yu's homeworld, and Teal'c volunteers for the mission. However, Teal'c is captured, and Yu reveals a surprising truth to him before setting him free. Teal'c returns to Cal Mah with word that they have been deceived. He challenges K'tano in a battle to the death, and the truth is revealed. K'tano is really the Goa'uld Imhotep, who used his false identity to raise an army that could guarantee him true power. Teal'c is victorious, and Imhotep dies as Yu's mothership attacks from the air. The rebel army must escape through the stargate to continue their cause on another world.

Story by: Christopher Judge
Teleplay by: Peter DeLuise
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Tony Amendola as Bra'tac, Rick Worthy as K'tano, Obi Ndefo as Rak'nor, Kirby Morrow as Tara'c, Vince Crestejo as Yu the Great

Reference: Bashaak, Bra'tac, Cal Mah, Imhotep, Jaffa, Joma Secu, K'tano, Mastaba, Rak'nor, Rebel Jaffa, Staff Weapon, Tara'c, Weapons, Yu


Cal Mah