06.20 Episode 130
Airdate: March 7, 2003

The Prometheus X-303 spacecraft is preparing for its shakedown cruise under the command of Colonel Ronson. SG-1 has been assigned to join the mission should their expertise be needed in the event of an emergency, and an emergency does occur when the ship unexpectedly drops out of hyperspace more than 40 light years short of its target. A malfunction of the unstable naquadria-powered hyperdrive has left the ship stranded in space, light years from home. Jonas suggests risking a short burst of energy from the hyperdrive to reach an alternate destination, P3X-744, a planet which may have a buried stargate.

The Prometheus reaches P3X-744 just as the naquadria reactor goes critical, and the apprehensive inhabitants permit SG-1 to land on their planet, Tagrea. There SG-1 meets Chairman Ashwan, the political leader who welcomes SG-1 as guests and long-lost brethren, and Commander Kalfas, the military leader who is deeply suspicious of their arrival. SG-1 seeks the stargate, but the Tagreans inform them that the Ring of the Gods is simply a myth. Tagrean historical records go back no more than 300 years, to a dark period when all historical evidence was destroyed in an act of defiance. The Tagreans are a race without a past.

Tarek Solamon, a Tagrean professor who secretly worships the ancient gods, offers his artifacts which lead SG-1 to a vast desert where the stargate was buried long ago. However, just as the gate is uncovered, Kalfas arrives with the military and attempts to take back the ancient relic. Ashwan risks a civil war by arriving with the Prometheus to face Kalfas. He proclaims that neither the past nor the future is something to be feared, and he orders Kalfas's arrest. With Ashwan's promise of cooperation, SG-1 has found not only a way to return home and to repair their vessel, but also a valuable new ally.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Robert Foxworth as Chairman Ashwan, John Novak as Colonel William Ronson, Miguel Fernandes as Commander Kalfas, Ingrid Kavelaars as Major Gant, Alex Diakun as Tarek Solamon, Ray Galletti as Navigator

Reference: Ashwan, BC-303, Peter DeLuise, Erin Gant, Horus, Hyperspace, Kalfas, Naquadria, Prometheus, Ring Transporter, William Ronson, Tarek Solamon, Tagrea, Tagreans, Technicians