07.17 and 07.18 Episode 149-150
Airdate: February 13-20, 2004

The outgoing president, aware that the Stargate Program will one day be made public, uses the occasion of the 1000th trip through the stargate to authorize a documentary film chronicling the SGC. Filmmaker Emmett Bregman finds a less than warm reception at the SGC, and Hammond agrees to cooperate only to the letter of his orders. Daniel is unable to elaborate about the experience of ascension, Teal'c's stoic silence and Carter's enthusiastic technobabble hardly make for riveting footage, and O'Neill manages to deftly avoid the camera at every turn. Most frustrating of all, Bregman is absolutely denied access to any ongoing activity.

SG-13, under the command of Colonel Dixon, arrives on P3X-666, and archaeologist Balinsky is ecstatic to find the ruins of an Ancient city. As he works, Airman Simon Wells passes the time with his teammates and shares a sonogram image of his unborn child. Suddenly, a hovering probe appears and fires at the team. SG-13 returns fire, disabling the device, and sends it back to the SGC for study. Meanwhile, Dr. Lee and Sergeant Siler demonstrate a prototype ceramic polymer vest, and Senator Kinsey offers a hypocritically grand prepared speech as Bregman continues his futile attempts to capture the SGC on film.

Unable to document ongoing missions, Bregman approaches Daniel and suggests that he take the opportunity to occasionally use his video camera to record action rather than artifacts, but he only seems to find cooperation from Dr. Fraiser, with whom he develops a rapport. Carter and Daniel study the recovered alien probe and discover that it had sent a remote transmission before it was destroyed. However, the warning to SG-13 comes too late. They come under fire from Jaffa ships, and Airman Wells is severely wounded. Despite fear of an ambush, Hammond authorizes a rescue mission, and the teams depart through the gate.

O'Neill leads three SG teams and Dr. Fraiser on a rescue mission to P3X-666 where SG-13 is engulfed in a firefight with an army of Jaffa. As the battle rages, O'Neill is struck in the chest by a staff weapon blast and falls to the ground, unmoving. When the teams return to the SGC, Carter is visibly distraught, and there is word of casualties, but filmmaker Emmett Bregman's inquiries meet a wall of silence. Richard Woolsey of the NID is sent by Senator Kinsey to review Hammond's command decision in ordering the rescue, but he too finds little cooperation as he interrogates Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c.

Bregman requests access to Daniel's videotape, in which he captured his and Dr. Fraiser's desperate attempts to save the life of Airman Wells. However, when Hammond is finally ordered to turn over the tape, Bregman watches in horror as the critically wounded Wells pleads to say goodbye to his wife, a staff weapon fires - and Dr. Fraiser is struck. Now, days later, Airman Wells is recovering, a prototype vest has saved Colonel O'Neill, but Dr. Fraiser is gone. At the memorial service, Carter honors Fraiser's memory by recalling the names of the many people who are alive today because of Janet Fraiser.

Airman Wells has nearly recovered, and Daniel visits him at his home. There he meets Wells's wife and newborn daughter, whom they have named Janet. At the SGC, the first cut of Bregman's documentary is completed, and it is not the invasive reality piece that Hammond expected. It is instead a powerful and touching homage to the men and women who serve their country. With profound respect, Hammond promises his cooperation in obtaining the final piece that would make the film complete. Finally, a deeply moved Colonel O'Neill willingly sits before the camera to add his support to Bregman's tribute. This episode aired in two parts.

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Saul Rubinek as Emmett Bregman, Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey, Mitchell Kosterman as Colonel Tom Rundell, Gary Jones as Technician, David Lewis as Dr. Balinsky, Tobias Slezak as Technical Sergeant Dale James, Christopher Redman as Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse, Adam Baldwin as Colonel Dave Dixon, Ronny Cox as Senator Kinsey, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Julius Chapple as Senior Airman Simon Wells, Christopher Pearce as Bosworth, Bill Dow as Dr. Lee, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler, Jim Byrnes as Documentary Narrator, Katey Wright as Marci Wells, Ryan W. Smith as SF

Reference: Alkesh, Balinsky, Bosworth, Emmett Bregman, David Dixon, Janet Fraiser, George Hammond, Dale James, Robert Kinsey, Bill Lee, NID, NID Rogue Operation, P3X-666, Pentagon, Planets, Probe, Tom Rundell, SG Vest, Sergeant Siler, Staff Weapon, UTD, Janet Wells, Marci Wells, Simon Wells, Shep Wickenhouse, Richard Woolsey



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