08.12 Episode 166
Airdate: January 28, 2005

There has been no word from the Atlantis expedition since their departure. With the Prometheus now capable of intergalactic travel, General Hammond, the new head of Homeworld Security, has named himself commander of the first Prometheus mission to Atlantis, and he selects Daniel to join the mission. En route, Prometheus picks up a distress signal and diverts to investigate. They find a disabled alkesh and cargo ship, but suddenly the rings activate and a Kull Warrior transports from the alkesh aboard Prometheus. The Warrior systematically disables the Prometheus crew and rings them aboard the stranded alkesh before escaping in Prometheus.

Only Daniel remains aboard the Prometheus with the Kull Warrior as Hammond's crew struggles to repair the alkesh. Hammond rings aboard the cargo ship with minimal life support to retrieve crystals that will enable Dr. Novak to make repairs to the alkesh. Meanwhile, Daniel awakens aboard the Prometheus where he has been subdued and restrained, but to his surprise, the Kull Warrior removes its helmet, revealing an attractive woman in the armor. Her name is Vala, and she claims she was once host to a Goa'uld and she now needs the Prometheus to rescue the last of her people.

Daniel manages to free himself and battles Vala for control of the ship, however she has already programmed the ship's destination, and Prometheus enters hyperspace, arriving at the planet Vala had designated. There are no refugees there, only an alien with whom Vala intended to do business, and as the ship comes under attack by Goa'uld vessels, Prometheus attempts to escape under fire. Suddenly, Hammond's crew arrives in the repaired alkesh and eliminates the enemy ships. The Prometheus has been recovered, but must return to Earth for repairs. En route, however, Vala escapes custody, rings aboard the alkesh, and disappears into hyperspace.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Claudia Black as Vala, Don S. Davis as General George Hammond, Ellie Harvie as Dr. Lindsey Novak, Gary Jones as Sergeant Walter Harriman, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, Morris Chapdelaine as Tenat, Christopher Pearce as Bosworth, Geoff Redknap as Alien, Dan Payne as Super Soldier

Reference: Alkesh, BC-303, Bosworth, Crystals, Energy Weapon, George Hammond, Healing Device, Jup, Kull Warrior, Vala Mal Doran, Lindsey Novak, Oranians, Prometheus, Colonel Reynolds, Tenat



Vala Mal Doran