10.12 Episode 206
Airdate: April 20, 2007

The people of P9C-882 have been visited by a Prior and have sought the aid of the SGC in resisting false gods. It is the perfect opportunity to test Carter's modifications to Arthur's Mantle, Merlin's inter-dimensional cloaking device. On the planet, the team is welcomed by Matar and Thilana, the village leader, and Carter succeeds in activating the device, expanding the field to shift the entire village into another dimension before the Prior's return. However, a power fluctuation triggers a failsafe, and as Carter struggles to stabilize the power and reactivate the device, soldiers of the Ori ring to the planet's surface and begin their conquest of the village.

SG-1 and the villagers resist the invading army, but they are easily overcome, and Carter is gravely wounded by an Ori staff weapon. Desperate to shield themselves and protect the device, Mitchell activates the cloak in a smaller field, and only the room in which he and Carter are hiding vanishes. The Ori Commander approaches, and Vala is startled to discover that it is Tomin. Mystified by what appears to be magic, he demands to know how the building was concealed, and in retaliation he orders that the prisoners be killed. Vala, however, is to be transported to his orbiting ship where he has been ordered to instruct her until she accepts the ways of Origin.

As Mitchell struggles to keep Carter alive, Teal'c, Thilana, and Matar face the interrogation of the Ori soldiers. Meanwhile, Vala's attempts to appeal to Tomin's compassion fail, but when the Prior distorts the scriptures to justify the obliteration of the village, Tomin begins to question his blind faith. Mitchell and Carter use an Ori crystal to boost power to Merlin's device, just as the Ori ship fires its weapons. Consumed by guilt, Tomin helps Vala to escape before the ship leaves orbit, but on the planet she finds only a smoldering crater. Suddenly, in a brilliant flash of light, the village reappears, spared by the phase-shifting device from the Ori's wrath.

Written by: Alan McCullough
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Tim Guinee as Tomin, Aisha Hinds as Thilana, Eric Breker as Colonel Reynolds, Aaron Craven as Matar, Greg Anderson as Prior, Sean Tyson as Ori Firstman

Reference: Alternate Dimension, Book of Origin, Samantha Carter, Invisibility, Matar, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, Naquadah Generator, Ori, Ori Fighter, Ori Staff Weapon, Ori Stun Weapon, Ori Warriors, Ori Warship, P9C-882, Prior, Prior Staff, Colonel Reynolds, Ring Transporter, Thilana, Tomin



Thilana and Villagers