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04.16 Episode 82 (#6715)
Airdate: January 12, 2001

The year is 2010. Ten years ago, Earth allied itself with the Aschen, an advanced and benevolent race which has cured disease, extended life expectancy, and ensured Earth's safety by defeating the Goa'uld. No longer a secret government program, the SGC has been closed down, O'Neill has retired to Minnesota, and the stargate is now used routinely for civilian travel. The Aschen have freely shared their technology, and have won the gratitude and respect of all humanity.

As Earth prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary as members of the Aschen Confederation, Carter discovers that she and her husband Joe are unable to conceive a child. Her Aschen doctors assure her that nothing is amiss, but Dr. Fraiser's examination reveals that the Aschen have been lying, and their own medical practices may be the cause of her condition. Further investigation uncovers the sinister truth. The Aschen medical advances have eliminated population growth and the human race is facing extinction. With the Aschen holding the reigns of power, there is no way to reverse their insidious plan.

Earth's only hope lies in the past, and SG-1 reunites from its retirement to carry out a daring plan. Using Aschen computers to predict the solar flares that could allow stargate travel through time, SG-1 intends to brave the deadly security system protecting the gate to send a message ten years into the past, in order to prevent the Aschen alliance from ever happening. As each team member dies in the attempt to reach the gate, a note of warning is passed through the wormhole. Ten years earlier, the mysterious message flutters through the gate at the SGC.

Written by: Brad Wright
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Christopher Cousins as Joe, Dion Luther as Mollem, Gary Jones as Walter Davis, Ronny Cox as President Kinsey, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, David Neale as Dialer, Linnea Johnson as Guide, Bryce Hodgson as Kid, Liza Huget as Waitress

Reference: Aschen, Joseph Faxon, Walter Harriman, J.R. Reed Space Terminal, Robert Kinsey, Mollem, P4C-970, Silver Creek, Time Travel, Time Travel 2010, Tour Guide


Destinations & Inhabitants

J.R. Reed Terminal on Earth

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • The newspaper is dated July 2010. It is the tenth anniversary of the day that SG-1 first visited P4C-970 and met the Aschen. Since that time, Earth became a member of the Aschen Confederation.
  • Changes in the Earth of the future:
    • The Goa'uld have been defeated.
    • Kinsey is President of the United States.
    • Hammond died six years earlier of a heart attack, under suspicious circumstances.
    • Jack retired and moved to his Minnesota cabin in bitterness when his warnings about the Aschen were ignored.
    • Sam married Joe, an ambassador, at least three years before.
    • There is no longer a military. O'Neill and Carter were both colonels at the time of their retirement.
    • The stargate is housed at the J.R. Reed Space Terminal in Washington DC, where it is open to the public and used routinely for space travel.
    • The SGC facility at Cheyenne Mountain is now a tourist attraction.
    • Walter Davis (former technician) works at the SGC facility as Operations Tech Advisor.
    • Major advancements in Aschen medicine include an anti-aging vaccine, and an anti-cancer vaccine.
    • The worldwide birth rate dropped 91% in two years, attributed to the anti-aging vaccine.
  • The Jupiter Ignition Project is designed to collapse Jupiter to convert it into a star.
  • Aschen computers are capable of predicting solar flares which create time distortions in wormhole travel, thus allowing time travel.
  • The note said, "Under no circumstances go to P4C-970. (signed) Colonel Jack O'Neill."


  • Oh, that. Not working out, is it? Gosh, I wish I'd seen that coming. Oh wait, I did see that coming. [O'Neill]
  • Personally, I like things the way they are. No more saving the world, just a nice pond with no pesky fish in it, and the single most pressing issue in my life is whether or not to get a dog. [O'Neill]
  • And we're walking... [O'Neill, imitating the tour guide]
  • So, when did you decide against getting a dog? [Carter]
    I'm still thinking about it. [O'Neill]
  • Can we at least mention who won the Super Bowl in 2004? World Series? Grey Cup? [O'Neill]
  • Um, the sun's beeping. [Daniel]
  • You know my friend Teal'c. I missed him at the celebration. He's coming to town. I bought him a... hat. [O'Neill]


  • Carter calls O'Neill "Jack": 2
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c of the future: all killed by laser fire
  • Popular Culture References:
    • 2010 (movie)
      • Jupiter Ignition Project
    • Showtime (SG-1 promo)
      • See you on the other side!