Elf Yourself

The OfficeMax website offers a holiday feature in which one can "Elf Yourself" by adding a face to dancing elves. One Stargate fan created an SG-1 version of the elfin dancers that can be seen below. To offer Richard a holiday smile, the OfficeMax link was forwarded to him, and it seems that Richard wasn't the only one who found it entertaining. He replied with a late-night email.

Elf Yourself!

December 9, 2007

My kid amazes me. I opened up the Elfin link and showed her the "dance", which we both found to be oddly cool. In part because we had done something similar out at Universal City Walk and had a blast doing it. So I cut and copy, we watch, and Wylie realizes that we have the makings for our own musical madness...

So I lend her the helm of the computer with the link in full bloom, and bolt for the kitchen to prepare foodstuffs for dinner. Not six minutes later I hear Wylie cackling away in the office. She had dialed in the elements, mastered them, and produced her own little music short with her cousin's face, her own face, my brother, and of course, Dad's. Cute? Oh yes, of course. But it's the fact that Wylie immediately figured this thing out, and then creatively utilized the available pieces.

More on everything later. I sleep a fall.