January 16, 2011

RDA Yes! The website has a new look!

In an attempt to make the website more user friendly, I have rearranged the site so that the features most guests visit first - the News, Updates, and Twitter - are all easily accessible on the homepage. I have also designed it so that the MacGyver, Legend, Stargate, and Photo Gallery sections can all stand on their own, but clicking on the top banner will always bring you back to the homepage.

I appreciate your patience as I clean up the site. You may find that some links and graphics are down as I gradually convert all the pages, and for now the headers and banners are temporary. If the navigation behaves unexpectedly in certain browsers, I welcome your input.

Also, I invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to leave a message or make a donation for RDA's birthday on January 23rd.

As always, thank you for your support of RDAnderson.com!