Spacey Awards 2003

On June 27, the SPACE channel, based in Toronto, Canada, televised the First Annual Spacey Awards which honor the finest in film and television in the science fiction and fantasy genre for the year 2002. Presented as a unique "traveling awards show," the Spacey production team visited the sets of the winning series to hand-deliver the trophies. Stargate SG-1 was awarded the Viewers Choice Award for Favourite Canadian TV Series, coming in with 38% of the vote, and beating out Andromeda, Mutant X, Relic Hunter, and Tracker. The award was accepted by Richard and the SG-1 cast, and Richard also did the honors of announcing the winner of the Viewers Choice Award for Favourite International TV Series.

Spacey Award Spacey Award
Spacey Award Spacey Award
Spacey Award Spacey Award
Spacey Award Spacey Award
Spacey Award

During the award presentation, Richard Dean Anderson thanked everyone from his mom to the population of Toronto, until his castmates sat down to wait out his long speech. He made out with the award, in the shape of an alien head, expressed his dismay at the win of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which he believed should have been in the category of science fact, and finally had the Spacey representative unceremoniously escorted from the set with the order, "Single shot! Kneecap!" His antics prompted an overwhelmingly positive response to the SPACE channel, which shared some of the feedback it received:

"I loved watching the Spaceys and found many of the presentations hilarious. Richard Dean Anderson, in particular, was genius and I'm glad to hear SPACE will be showing "Stargate SG-1" this coming season."

"You got the SG-1 people. Cool. RDA is funny; a really good sport."

"MacGyver was funnier than I thought he could be LOL!"

"I rolled in the aisle (well... in front of my couch) with laughter at the Stargate SG-1 cast presentation. I'm so glad to hear SPACE is finally going to carry Stargate SG-1 (about firkin time) as it is my favourite Sci-Fi show since ST: TNG hit the skids."

"The Stargate crew were great."

"I couldn't watch the Spacey awards ... but I have heard from fellow Stargate SG-1 fans that the show was hilarious especially the SG award and RDA."

"Woohoo thanks!! Glad to see you are picking (SG-1) up, especially after it won a Spacey award (watched it, was VERY well done and great to watch). My TV is always glued to you guys 'cept when Buffy is on. God I hate that show !!"

"I liked the... hilarious bit by the Stargate SG-1 crew. Richard Dean Anderson was hilarious (sic)! Single shot...kneecap! LOL!"

"Richard Dean Anderson. He's a madman!"

"RDA is great I love him."

"Finally, a decent awards show! ...I'm already looking forward to next year. Just a suggestion - be sure to have Richard Dean Anderson on, regardless of whether he's nominated for anything. Maybe he could be a co-host?"