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Richard has briefly explored the world of Twitter and Instagram. Although family or friends have occasionally posted to his accounts, Richard himself has not posted to social media in several years.

Richard does NOT have a Facebook account. Facebook accounts claiming to be Richard Dean Anderson are imposters. Several years ago, Richard responded to one of these accounts. His video message can be found in the Video Gallery.

Another imposter has created a fake Richard Dean Anderson Facebook Page with thousands of followers despite the fact that the Page Transparency clearly states that the page originates in the Czech Republic. This individual has been reaching out to fans through Messenger and WhatsApp, pretending to be Richard Dean Anderson and asking for money. Richard encourages fans to spread the word and to warn about illegal behavior from this individual and other similar imposters.


Richard currently has no postal address to receive fan mail. However, Richard has authorized the use of space on this website for fans to leave messages to him that he will be able to access. In his endorsement of an online guestbook he added, "it fits into what I'm trying to do, conservation and saving trees. Don't waste the paper - waste the ones and zeros!"


Although Richard can access the messages here, there is no guarantee that he will be able to read them all, nor that he would be able to respond to individual messages.

Messages left on this site can be password protected. You may include an optional password (any word of your choosing) which will lock your message against hackers but still allow Richard to read it. Despite password protection, however, messages cannot be 100% guaranteed to be private.

The guestbook does not recognize HTML code. Messages that have been copied and pasted from other formats, such as an HTML email, a Word document, or an online translator tend to be cluttered with extra code and difficult to read. Please type your message directly into the space and use the "Preview" button to be certain that your message will appear as you intended.

This guestbook uses several precautions against spam and abuse. You will be asked to copy a code with your message (5 letters or numbers found in a little grey box that an automated machine cannot copy). Messages will also be monitored, and inappropriate content or persistent messages from a single individual will be removed and blocked.

To leave a fan mail message for Richard Dean Anderson, use the link below:


This site is owned and maintained by KateR. Please direct any questions concerning its content to the address below.

PLEASE NOTE: Email to this address will NOT reach Richard Dean Anderson.