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Birra was the wife of Latal, a leader among the free Jaffa of Kallana, and both she and her husband wore the tattoo of Cronus. When a Prior visited Kallana and threatened retribution if the people refused to bow to the Ori, Latal, Birra, and a handful of Jaffa stood up to him on behalf of the planet and refused to replace one false god with another. They fired their staff weapons, but they had no effect against the Prior's personal shield. With the power of his staff, the Prior flung the defiant Jaffa far into the distance, and he raised a force field that would eventually collapse the planet into a micro-singularity in order to create a supergate that would serve as a beachhead for an Ori invasion. Kallana and its population were destroyed.

Portrayed by: Eileen Barrett

Cross Reference: Jaffa, Kallana, Latal

Episode Reference: Beachhead