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Richard Dean Anderson

As season four of Stargate SG-1 wrapped production, Richard Dean Anderson participated in a live online chat hosted by Lycos. Participants were able to submit their questions in advance to be selected for the hour-long chat.

Events Moderator:
Welcome! For those of you just joining us, tonight we are chatting with Richard Dean Anderson. He is the producer and star of "Stargate SG-1." In SG-1 Anderson must lead his Air Force Team through the Stargate portal to battle marauding (and cranky) alien forces.

FYI - this is a moderated event. This means that all questions come to the moderator before they are passed off to the guest. To submit a question, type your question in the text box and then click the "Send" button.

Hi everyone, please welcome Richard Dean Anderson to this Live Event!!

Hi RDA, welcome to Lycos Live Events! How are you? Looking forward to chatting with your fans?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Hi, I am looking forward to chatting with you. This web world tends to confuse me but I am going to get the hang of it! LOL

Question from Heru-ur:
Hello Richard. Permission to Barge In? Asking loads here in the hope that one will get asked. How much attention do the writers/producers pay to fans' opinions? Bring back Martouf - Please don't kill Heru'ur... etc? Does this play a role in the thinking for future episode arcs?

Richard Dean Anderson:
First off Brad Wright is our head writer and partner in producing as well. He above all looks at our general web sites relating to our show which will include all the characters we have. We just had our first convention. It's called Gatecon. The response was so big that we hope it will be an annual occurrence at which a lot of fan influence can be heard. Even though Martouf was killed, it is science fiction, so stay tuned, we will see what happens.

Question from carkedit:
G'day Richard... just wondering, do you find it offensive if people you don't know start calling you by your first name?? I don't mean to offend you if you do... I'm Jules by the way! :)

Richard Dean Anderson:
I am actually more offended to be called Mr. Anderson. I am more likely to respond to Rick than Richard but both work for me.

Question from judyofhamburg:
Richard, you were so inspired by Headwall Canyon, did you feel that it strengthened your connection with your Native American roots?

Richard Dean Anderson:
I never really lost contact with my heritage. The Headwall experience sort of lit a fire under my consciousness. It's an experience of memories that I will have forever.

Question from AnnPMK:
Loved your special on National Geographic with Headwall Canyon. Is there anything that Americans can do to help preserve the canyon in Canada?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Absolutely. The most obvious way is when buying wood products of any kind, ask where it's from, and more specifically is it from British Columbia. Also, if it's old growth forest, don't buy it. And register your concern about your source of wood or wood products. And continue general education about where your products come from. And be vocal about it as well.

Question from Jaffa_07:
Do you think that Cult Television magazines like TV Zone and Cult Times have impacted the popularity of the show?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Probably. From what I have seen they have always been favorable. So it seems that they have been able to recognize a show that is visually dynamic. We are proud of what we put our there.

Question from Karin2000:
Hello Richard! Greetings from Bavaria! My question is about the music you compose. I've loved "Eau d'Leo" from the first moment I heard it in the MacGyver episode, "The Negotiator". It is really good! Is there any chance we'll hear more of the music you have composed?

Richard Dean Anderson:
LOL! The only thing I have ever recorded other than that was back in the early 80's and that was with a friend, and he thought I could sing. I can't! LOL Any music I compose is for myself or my daughter. But thank you for asking.

Question from hockeyblades7:
Hi Ricky from the MacList in Sonora Calif. - Was the reference to magnets intentional or ad libbed on a recent SG eppy??

Richard Dean Anderson:
More than likely it was ad libbed. Brad Wright is a brilliant writer. Part of what makes any collaboration with him possible and creative is the fact that he starts out as a great writer and secondly he listens to my input. Chances are it was either ad libbed or written.

Question from Pam3:
What was the funniest blooper of the 4th season? And who out of the main cast seems to initiate these bloopers the most?

Richard Dean Anderson:
I sort of have to take the blame and responsibility for most bloopers, because I tend to be more easily distracted than the others. I can't pinpoint any one blooper, there are so many. It's like you almost have to be there. Sometimes I wish we could air the bloopers. But that's another show!

Question from Heru-ur (Jaclyn Dartford, Kent - UK):
Have you consciously stopped using our fave one liners such as Oh For Crying Out Loud, etc?

Richard Dean Anderson:
I have tried to temper it a little bit. The origin of that is from my Minnesota upbringing.

Question from RDAFan:
Hi Richard! Thanks for taking the time to do this! Are you aware that there are fans of the show who feel O'Neill is being dumbed-down too much? Also that Daniel is always right and O'Neill always seems to be wrong in a head to head type of situation? What are your feelings on this? Love the show!

Richard Dean Anderson:
Well, that was intentional. The dumbing down was an attempt to make the character as dense as possible. It gives the characters a fun venue to play against each other. It also makes the character less overtly heroic. To me, it makes him more human. That was a very insightful question. It also forced me to give away a secret about the show.

Question from tocarielle:
Where do the writers from SG-1 get their ideas?? The variation is always great, which tends to be a problem in some sci-fi shows.

Richard Dean Anderson:
Well, you can find a germ of an idea for a story anywhere. But the fact that we have the stargate as our springboard and it can take us anywhere gives us a lot of latitude. We have also created a very dynamic franchise. It also helps to have a great writing staff.

Question from Sahara_MJ:
Hi from QLD, Australia, Richard!! I was just wondering if you ever have those days where you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, "I don't wanna go to work today"? Or is every day like a fun new adventure and you just can't wait to get to the set?

Richard Dean Anderson:
The schedule is exhausting. I get up every morning at 5:30am, and will work into the early evening for 9 months. I also have a 2-year-old which pleasantly complicates things. So yes, there are a lot of days I wish I didn't have to go to work. But it is fun!

Question from Ice_On_Fire_AE:
Hi Rick. There have been rumors that you may appear in the third Jurassic Park movie. Any truth to the rumors?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Not that I know of. My agent will be pleasantly surprised! LOL

Question from Pooka1190:
Has a line in this series ever been written that you thought was so out of context of the character that you had it changed?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Oh yes! That goes back to the comment I made about Brad Wright being open to writing changes and the flexibility he gives us.

Question from Tracereau:
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to be here with us! Do you have any plans to play in any more of the Celebrity All Star Hockey games? You've been seriously missed there! I've been hoping to see your teammate Chris Potter on SG-1. I think he'd make an excellent Tok'ra!

Richard Dean Anderson:
I don't know if I have completely given up on hockey, but my knees complain when I do play. So my focus on recreation is on skiing. I miss playing in those games. I haven't seen Chris in a long time. But he is an excellent hockey player. He should wear a helmet!

Question from Sam8934:
I've been hearing about a fan club for Stargate SG-1. Do you know when we'll be able to join?

Richard Dean Anderson:
Yes the fan club is coming soon. And please visit our website at for more details.

Events Moderator:
I hate to say it everyone, but we have to wrap this up in a few minutes. Our time is almost up. It's been a pleasure to chat with Richard Dean Anderson!! We'll take just a few more comments or questions.

Question from space_monkey_7:
How much alike are you and Jack O'Neill? Your senses of humor obviously match up, but is Jack the closest character to your own personality that you've ever played?

Richard Dean Anderson:
There is a combination of qualities in both MacGyver and Jack. However, both are reluctant heroes and I would never describe myself as heroic, but certainly reluctant. I'm not quite as dense as O'Neill.

Question from luvnjck:
Hey Rick! You missed a great time at Gatecon this year! Have your buddies talked you into joining us next year?

Richard Dean Anderson:
My situation this year dictated my action. I was away from my baby girl for 2 weeks and at this point in her life and mine it was imperative that I be with her. As far as next year, it sounded like fun. And I will do my best to attend.

Events Moderator:
Thanks Rick we had a really great time chatting with you. We'll have to do this again some time!!

Richard Dean Anderson:
I would love to chat with everyone again. Thank you for continuing to watch the show. And continuing to be patient as you are with me. I know you're there and thank you for your support.

Events Moderator:
Thanks again for coming everyone. See ya next time at Lycos Live Events.

Online chat held at Lycos Online. October 23, 2000.