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Anubis's Superweapon

According to legend, the six artifacts known as the Eyes, which included the Eyes of Apophis, Osiris, Tiamat, and Ra, were immensely powerful, but used in combination, their power increased tenfold. When Anubis acquired the six Eyes, he used their enormous power to modify the weapons system of his flagship to create a devastating superweapon. With it he easily destroyed Abydos, and defeated the collective forces of the System Lords under the command of Yu. The superweapon gave Anubis clear superiority over the System Lords. It was also a significant threat to Earth, and the SGC devised a plan to neutralize it. The power core of the weapon was cooled by a ventilation shaft on the exterior of the mothership, and O'Neill and Carter used coordinates relayed by Daniel and Jonas to pilot an F-302 through the ship's defensive shields and target the ventilation shaft. As Anubis powered up the weapon above Vis Uban, the crystal power core overheated, and the superweapon was destroyed.

Cross Reference: Abydonians, Abydos, Anubis, Eye of Ra, Eye of Tiamat, F-302, Radioactive Isotope, Vis Uban

Episode Reference: Full Circle, Fallen