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Charlie is a young human, created by the Reetou through accelerated genetic engineering to act as an intermediary. He and the Reetou who created him, to whom he referred as "Mother," were sent to warn Earth of the impending attack by Reetou rebels who planned to defeat the Goa'uld by destroying all possible hosts. Although he had no name of his own, he chose to be called "Charlie," after O'Neill's son. His reticular formation is twice normal size, allowing him to perceive the Reetou, which are invisible to humans. His accelerated growth caused congenital defects in several major organs including his heart, kidneys and lungs, and as his body began to fail, he returned with Jacob to the Tok'ra in the hope of taking a symbiote that could heal the genetic defects of his creation.

Portrayed by: Jeff Gulka

Cross Reference: Jacob Carter, Reetou

Episode Reference: Show and Tell