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Kianna Cyr

Kianna Cyr had been a young scientist working on the Naquadria Project on Kelowna. Following Ba'al's defeat of Anubis in the battle for Kelowna, a Goa'uld in the service of Ba'al was dispatched to Kelowna to learn the reason for Anubis's interest in the planet. The Goa'uld symbiote implanted itself into the host body of Kianna in order to gain access to Kelowna's most sensitive research. The Goa'uld used a drug that masks the presence of a symbiote, allowing her to escape detection, and she never referred to her own name, instead taking on the identity of Kianna.

Although her original mission had been to preserve the naquadria deposits for Ba'al, Kianna intended instead to claim the planet for herself, and she cooperated with Jonas Quinn to prevent the underground expansion of naquadria that threatened to obliterate the planet. Kianna and Jonas had shared a mutual romantic attraction until Jonas learned the truth about her identity, but despite his distrust of her, Kianna's advanced understanding of particle physics and her extensive knowledge of the Goa'uld upgrades she had incorporated into the deep underground excavation vehicle made her vital to the mission to save the planet. When the vehicle was damaged and unable to proceed, Kianna volunteered to use Tok'ra crystals to climb the final kilometer to the target and position the bomb that would halt the advancing vein of naquadria. The heat and noxious gases left her severely weakened, however, and the symbiote, unable to heal herself, voluntarily gave her life to allow the host to live. With only vague memories of her experience as a host, Kianna returned to her life on Kelowna.

Portrayed by: Emily Holmes

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle, Goa'uld, Kelowna, Naquadria, Jonas Quinn, Tok'ra Tunnels

Episode Reference: Fallout