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The Daedalus is a human-built interstellar spacecraft designed as a next-generation sister ship to the Prometheus. It is a Deep Space Carrier, the first of the BC-304 class of spacecraft, and its newer design has several advantages over the Prometheus in that the more advanced alien technologies were integrated into the original design rather than tacked on after the fact. The Daedalus is equipped with an Asgard hyperdrive, making it capable of intergalactic travel, and it has been used primarily for expeditions between Earth in the Milky Way and Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. When SG-1 attempted to launch Merlin's weapon through the supergate to the Ori galaxy, the Daedalus cooperated from the Pegasus Galaxy by severing the wormhole connection that was maintaining a permanent link between the supergate and a stargate in the Pegasus Galaxy. On O'Neill's order, Daedalus beamed a Mark 9 gatebuster weapon directly behind the event horizon of the Pegasus stargate. Sister ships to the Daedalus include the USS Odyssey and the Korolev.

Cross Reference: Atlantis, BC-304, Hyperspace, Odyssey, Prometheus

Episode Reference: Moebius, The Shroud