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A Prior had visited P2X-885, from which he had begun the spread of the Prior plague to Earth. When he later returned to the Sodan world of P9G-844, SG-1 used the anti-prior device to obtain a sample of his blood in the hope of synthesizing a cure for the plague. There he was also confronted by Orlin, who knew his past. The Prior had once been Damaris, who had lived with his wife, Adina, and their two sons, Jaden and Allon, before leaving his life behind in pursuit of the false promise of ascension. Orlin and SG-1 were unable to turn Damaris against his gods, and as he overcame the effects of the anti-prior device and used his telekinetic powers to choke General Landry, Mitchell shot and killed him with his handgun.

Portrayed by: William B. Davis

Cross Reference: Prior

Episode Reference: The Fourth Horseman