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Bryce Ferguson

Bryce Ferguson was a close friend of Cameron Mitchell, whom he had known since they were both cadets and had sworn a blood oath to make it into the space program or die trying. During one of their missions, Ferguson had saved Mitchell's life and had suffered a shrapnel wound to his head. The shrapnel had lodged itself against an intracranial artery, and although Ferguson recovered from the injury, over the next few years an aneurysm had formed. Both Ferguson and Mitchell were up for a classified position in the F-302 program, but Mitchell was offered the position, even though he considered Ferguson to be the better pilot, and Mitchell felt that only Ferguson's injury had prevented him from joining the program.

Four years after he was wounded, Ferguson's doctors identified the brain aneurysm which, due to its size and relative position, could not be treated through surgery or an intravascular approach without risking a major rupture. Mitchell pulled some strings and arranged to have his friend transferred from Iowa to the military hospital where he would have access to certain technologies not yet widely available, but Dr. Kelly, the surgeon assigned to his case, verified the initial diagnosis and confirmed that there were no options, making it only a matter of time before the aneurysm took his life.

At first, Ferguson faced his death with casual resignation, and he wanted to be certain that Mitchell would not be burdened with guilt over his death, however he persistently questioned Mitchell about the classified program he had joined. Ferguson had done some consulting for an aeronautics firm called Zephyr when he first went on disability, and he knew enough to see through the cover stories concerning Antarctica, a building in Seattle, and a global pandemic. He was convinced that Mitchell had been wounded in Antarctica not during a test flight but rather during a battle of a fleet of human-built alien-hybrid fighters and interstellar battleships against an alien armada. Despite Ferguson's assurances, Mitchell did blame himself for his friend's condition, and as a kind of dying wish he obtained special permission from the SGC to use the Galaran memory implant device. Mitchell's own memories had been downloaded into the device, and he brought it to the hospital where Ferguson had the opportunity to relive many of Mitchell's experiences in the SGC. Shortly afterward, however, Ferguson passed away while Mitchell was off-world on a mission.

Portrayed by: Reed Diamond

Cross Reference: Dr. Kelly, Memory Implant Device, Cameron Mitchell

Episode Reference: Stronghold