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First was the first of the Replicators to be created in human form. In the last moment before the Asgard time dilation device was to activate on Hala, the Replicators used the technology of Reese to evolve into human form, and they took their names from the order in which they were created. First altered the time dilation device in order to gain the time needed for the Replicators to increase their numbers, and he planned to go forward with his brethren as an army. He was the leader of the group, cold and calculating, capable of reaching inside the human mind to read subconscious thoughts, and impervious to projectile weapons. When SG-1 reactivated the time dilation device, First and the other Replicators remained trapped within the time dilation field on Hala.

Portrayed by: Ian Buchanan

Cross Reference: Fifth, Hala, Replicators, Time Dilation Device

Episode Reference: Unnatural Selection