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Lieutenant Fisher

Lieutenant Fisher was a member of SG-6 with Lieutenant Brooks and Airman Ryan, under the command of Colonel Barnes. The team had been operating undercover on P2X-885, a poverty-stricken world that had fallen to the Ori. While off-world, Fisher and Ryan had attended morning prostration. As the Prior was preaching, he had touched Fisher on the head, making him "patient zero" for the Prior plague that would be brought back to Earth. Although Fisher did not immediately exhibit symptoms, following their return to the SGC, his commanding officer, Colonel Barnes, was diagnosed with the virus, and as the disease spread, Fisher was identified as the carrier. Lieutenant Fisher was attending a formal public address by General Hammond when he was escorted back to the SGC by military personnel in hazmat gear, and he was detained in quarantine for observation and questioning as the contagion he inadvertently carried spread to become a global pandemic.

Portrayed by: Panou

Cross Reference: Colonel Barnes, Prior Plague, SG Teams

Episode Reference: The Fourth Horseman