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Jonas Hanson

Captain Jonas Hanson had once been engaged to Samantha Carter, but she had broken off the engagement. Hanson had spent years in black ops, and eventually became the commanding officer of SG-9. On a mission to P3X-513, he exhibited a gradual change in behavior, possibly due to radiation poisoning, and he began to take on the role of a god to the native cave dwellers. He forced the natives to toil in the dangerous radiation of the native sun until they discovered his deception and turned against him. He was overthrown by SG-1 and killed by the inhabitants who threw him into an active wormhole connection to Earth without a GDO to open the iris.

Portrayed by: William Russ

Cross Reference: Samantha Carter, Captain Conner, Jamala, P3X-513, SG Teams, Ultraviolet Energy Shield

Episode Reference: The First Commandment