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Major Hawkins

Major Hawkins was the commander of the SG-11 archaeological team, including Loder, Sanchez, and Rothman. During the exploration of P3X-888, the team was attacked and Daniel was captured by Chaka, a native Unas. The team split up in an attempt to pursue, but Loder and Sanchez were killed, and Hawkins and Rothman were taken as hosts by the indigenous primordial Goa'uld living in the waters of the planet. Hawkins was found by the rescue mission, led by SG-1, and although he appeared to be dazed by the loss of his team, he maintained his identity and joined the mission to rescue Daniel until he revealed himself to be a Goa'uld, turned on the team, and was killed by Teal'c's staff weapon.

Portrayed by: Barry Levy

Cross Reference: P3X-888, Robert Rothman, SG Teams

Episode Reference: The First Ones