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The Daniel Jackson

The "Daniel Jackson", named for Dr. Daniel Jackson, was one of the fleet of Asgard motherships. The ship was enormously powerful with hyperdrive engines capable of traveling the distance between galaxies in a matter of hours. Thor piloted the ship to Hala where his mission was to determine that the Replicators had been drawn into a black hole. However, when many Replicators escaped the gravitational field, the Daniel Jackson engaged them in battle, eventually using a modification of the disruptor weapon to defeat the Replicators on Orilla and save the new Asgard homeworld. When the Replicators reached the Milky Way Galaxy, Thor returned and cooperated with Carter to modify the disruptor technology, however his ship was boarded by Replicators, and he returned Carter to the SGC before flying off into the galaxy.

Cross Reference: Asgard, Asgard Mothership, Biliskner, Daniel Jackson, The O'Neill, Orilla, Replicators, Thor

Episode Reference: New Order, Reckoning