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Kvasir (pronounced "Va-SEER") is an Asgard and an ally of Earth, although he is somewhat more abrupt and condescending than other Asgard of SG-1's acquaintance such as Thor. When the SGC requested the help of the Asgard to seal a rupture in the space-time continuum that was drawing multiple parallel SG teams into our reality, Kvasir arrived to offer his assistance, explaining that Thor and Heimdall were in a neighboring galaxy dealing with a most sensitive matter. Kvasir provided an energy weapon to be fired through the stargate, stressing that it was only on loan and must be returned to the Asgard immediately after the problem was corrected.

Kvasir returned to offer his assistance when a functioning Ori supergate was discovered. Aboard the Odyssey, he analyzed the nature of Merlin's weapon based on the data from Merlin's phase-shift device, and he cooperated with Carter to develop a plan to reprogram and replace the supergate dialing control crystal in an attempt to dial out and prevent the Ori from entering the galaxy. The plan was not completed in time to prevent the Ori's arrival, but Kvasir remained aboard the Odyssey throughout the battle, offering his assistance to rewrite the control code and to make repairs to the basic systems of the badly damaged ship, including the life support, hyperdrive, and beaming technology.

Voice of Kvasir: Trevor Devall

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Ripple Effect, Asgard, Asgard Energy Weapon, Odyssey, Supergate

Episode Reference: Ripple Effect, Camelot, Flesh and Blood