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Marul, the gentle and naïve ruler of Latona, had complete faith in the power of the Sentinel to protect his planet from a Goa'uld attack. Despite O'Neill's best efforts to convince him that the Sentinel had been compromised and the planet was vulnerable, he insisted that his people were safe as long as the Caretaker's flame burned. During the attack by Svarog's forces, he was captured and refused to evacuate his people or to submit to Svarog's demands, trusting that the Caretaker would restore the Sentinel defenses. For his defiance, it is likely that Marul did not survive to see the Sentinel restored by SG-1 and Svarog's forces eliminated.

Portrayed by: Henry Gibson

Cross Reference: Caretaker, Sean Grieves, Lieutenant Grogan, Lieutenant Kershaw, Latona, Sentinel, Svarog

Episode Reference: The Sentinel