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Lindsey Novak

Dr. Lindsey Novak was a member of the Prometheus crew on the expedition to Atlantis. She had had the opportunity to join the original mission to Atlantis under Dr. Weir, but had turned it down, claiming that she doesn't do well in stressful situations. Ever since childhood she would develop an uncontrollable case of hiccups whenever she was nervous, and the Prometheus voyage prompted the worst case she had had since her Ph.D. presentation. However, when the Prometheus was hijacked by Vala, and the crew was stranded on a disabled alkesh, Dr. Novak proved herself to be invaluable as she repaired the ship's crystals and made the alkesh operational again. She was commended for her actions, and she noted that her hiccups had vanished.

Portrayed by: Ellie Harvie

Cross Reference: Prometheus

Episode Reference: Prometheus Unbound