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Millennia ago, P5C-353 was dying. The native microscopic organisms created an orb where they slept for 100,000 years. Made of several unfamiliar and very dense materials including two unknown elements and a non-terrestrial alloy shell several hundred times stronger than steel, the orb was designed to absorb energy and was covered with microscopic writing equivalent to a thousand pages of text. It contained an advanced power source that would last for thousands of years, and which maintained an interior temperature of 33°F, generated an electromagnetic field, and emitted small amounts of alpha, gamma, and delta radiation. SG-1 believed the orb to be a time capsule, and they returned with it to Earth. In a living environment, however, the orb activated. Its radiation increased, the temperature rose to 149°F, and it sent out spikes, which impaled O'Neill, embedding itself in the facility.

Cross Reference: Orb Organisms, P5C-353

Episode Reference: Message in a Bottle