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P3R-233 had been destroyed by the Goa'uld and left lifeless and contaminated by radiation, marked with the sign of korush'nai. Before their demise, the inhabitants had sent a deep space transmission warning others of the coming Goa'uld attack. In a derivation of ancient Egyptian, the message said, "Beware the Destroyers. They come from 3, 32, 16, 8, 10, 12."

The culture of the planet is unknown, however a laboratory near the stargate contained a number of tagged artifacts from diverse human cultures including a Turkinese mask, a clay cone from Nagash with cuneiform symbols, and a small Ancient stone which acted as a communication device. The most unique artifact was the quantum mirror which allows for inter-universal travel to alternate realities. The artifacts were brought back to Earth and stored in the base archive or at Area 51.

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - P3R-233, Ancient Communication Stone, Destroyers, Korush'nai, Quantum Mirror

Episode Reference: There But For the Grace of God

Point of Origin: 21

P3R-233 point of origin