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The inhabitants of P9C-882 are simple people, living in a village reminiscent of medieval Europe. When a Prior of the Ori visited the planet, he ordered the villagers to construct a sacrificial altar known as an Ara, allowing them three days to perform the task before his return. The people of the village had lived for centuries under the rule of the Goa'uld and refused to give up their freedom again to false gods. They turned to the SGC for help, and Carter's recent experiments with Merlin's phase-shifting device provided an opportunity.

Carter modified the device to expand the field and take the entire village out of phase, effectively hiding it from the Prior, however a power disruption caused the device to fail, and Ori troops invaded the village, taking prisoners and slaughtering those who resisted. During the battle, Carter and Mitchell reactivated the device with minimal power, successfully concealing the single room in which they were hidden, but the Prior and the Ori warriors, under the command of Tomin, interrogated the villagers, demanding an explanation for the disappearance of the room. One of the villagers, Matar, betrayed SG-1 and pleaded for mercy in order to spare his people, but Thilana, the village leader, refused to submit to the Ori.

Quoting Ori scripture, the Prior ordered that the village be destroyed from orbit, but moments before the weapons fired, Carter and Mitchell successfully used the power crystal from an Ori staff weapon to power Merlin's device, expand the displacement field, and take the entire village out of phase. The Ori warship left a gaping crater in the planet's surface, but the village was spared and reappeared after the Ori had departed.

Cross Reference: Matar, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, Ori, Prior, Thilana, Tomin

Episode Reference: Line in the Sand