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Colonel Pierce

As a member of SG-2, Pierce had joined the mission to rescue Daniel from the Unas on P3X-888. At the rank of major he was given command of SG-15. He was prepared to confirm the location of the Aschen homeworld before the mission was aborted, he commanded SG-15 at the Alpha Site during the incursion by the Ashrak, and he also provided backup for SG-1 on the missions to coordinate with the Hebridans on P2X-005, and to defeat Lord Mot on P4S-237. Following a promotion to the rank of colonel, Pierce was one of the officers placed in command of the Alpha Site on P4X-650. There he coordinated off-world teams that had been ordered to return to the Alpha Site when the SGC became inaccessible after the stargate was stolen.

Portrayed by: Rob Lee

Cross Reference: Alpha Site, P4X-650, SG Teams

Episode Reference: The First Ones, 2001, Allegiance, Forsaken, Prophecy, Endgame