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As a pilot, Cameron Mitchell had taken the call sign "Shaft," as in "Camshaft." It was the name by which Colonel Pendergast knew him when he welcomed him aboard the Prometheus after he had become a member of SG-1.

Mitchell also used the name when the team traveled to P6G-452 to investigate the kassa crop being grown by the Lucian Alliance. Mitchell posed as Mr. Shaft, representing a coalition of seven planets with a population of 30 million, who was looking for a supplier to trade in the addictive grain. Mitchell insisted that he should take the role as the contact because he was closer than Daniel or Carter to being believable as a drug dealer, although Teal'c believed the three of them to be equidistant.

Portrayed by: Ben Browder

Cross Reference: Cameron Mitchell

Episode Reference: Beachhead, Off the Grid