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Sha're, the daughter of Kasuf and brother of Skaara, was a native Abydonian. She met Daniel during the first Abydos mission and became his wife, but she was captured by Apophis and made a host to his Goa'uld queen, Amaunet. She returned to Abydos after she became pregnant with Apophis's human child, and Amaunet remained dormant until she gave birth to the Harsesis child. Amaunet next encountered SG-1 on P8X-873 and there she caught Daniel in the grip of her ribbon device. Through the device, Sha're communicated to Daniel a message of forgiveness and concern for her child, before she was killed by Teal'c to save Daniel's life.

Portrayed by: Vaitiare Bandera

Cross Reference: Abydonians, Abydos, Amaunet, Apophis, Harsesis, Daniel Jackson, Kasuf, P8X-873, Skaara

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, Secrets, Forever in a Day