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Mrs. Sharpe

Mrs. Sharpe is Vernon Sharpe's paternal grandmother. She raised her grandson after his mother ran off and his father, Roger, couldn't care for him. Carter and Jonas visited her hoping to get a lead on where Vernon might have gone after he was exposed to the effects of the inter-dimensional device that only served to magnify is normal paranoia when he suddenly gained the ability to see inter-dimensional beings resembling enormous insects. Mrs. Sharpe mistook Carter and Jonas for a nice young couple and accepted their cover story about an experimental germ designed by the military to reverse the effects of chemical warfare used in the Gulf. Believing that her grandson is not right in the head, she offered her cooperation, suggesting that Vernon would probably be on his way to visit his friend Chuck in Las Vegas.

Portrayed by: Betty Linde

Cross Reference: Vernon Sharpe

Episode Reference: Sight Unseen