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Shifu, the son of Sha're/Amaunet and Apophis, is the Harsesis, the human offspring of two Goa'uld hosts, born with all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. Born on Abydos, and hidden away on Kheb, his initial aging was accelerated through nano-technology, now dormant. He was raised by Oma Desala, and given the name Shifu, which means "light." Oma Desala taught him that the true nature of a man is determined in the battle between his conscious mind and the desires of his subconscious, and that the evil of his subconscious is too strong to resist. "The only way to win is to deny it battle." He shared this lesson with Daniel through a dream that taught the evil of absolute power and the need to choose a new path. He then ascended to the non-corporeal form of the Others, and departed through the stargate.

Portrayed by: Lane Gates

Cross Reference: AG-3 Defense System, Ascension, Harsesis, Daniel Jackson, Kasuf, Nano-Technology, Oma Desala, Others

Episode Reference: Absolute Power