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Sol's Diner

Sol's Diner in Colorado Springs was originally owned by Sol, but it kept its name when the new owner, Sal, bought the place from him. When Vala was kidnapped by Athena and agents of the Trust, she was subjected to Goa'uld technology that caused her to lose her memory. Wandering the streets, lost and hungry, she was drawn to the delightful aroma of the blue plate special at Sol's Diner, and she ordered a lunch, but she was intercepted by the owner as she attempted to leave without paying for her meal. Sal took pity on her when she explained that she had no memory and no means to pay, and he offered to take her in, giving her a place to sleep and a job as a waitress.

Vala took the name "Val," and she had worked at the diner for approximately two weeks when two thugs entered one day and announced a robbery. Acting on instinct, Val disarmed them both single-handedly, raising questions about her past and leading to the investigation that would reunite her with SG-1.

Location: Corner Café, North Vancouver

Cross Reference: Detective Ryan, Sal, Val

Episode Reference: Memento Mori