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Battle of Tazek'Sur

Tazek'Sur on Chulak had been the site of the violent battle at which Gerak's father had given his life for the cause of freedom. Even before the Jaffa rebellion had taken shape, Gerak had begun to doubt the Goa'uld, and his father's death at the hands of the Goa'uld had led him to question what god was so deserving of his worship. Many years later, as Gerak sought to bring the Jaffa Nation to Origin, he faced the resistance of Bra'tac and Teal'c on Chulak. Near the monument that marked the battlefield, Gerak agreed to a private meeting with Teal'c, who explained, "I thought it fitting that on this day when we must sacrifice our short-lived freedom, we do so here, at the site of the Battle of Tazek'Sur." Reminding him of his past and the battle against Goa'uld slavery, Teal'c asked, "Would a god who is prepared to lead us on the path of enlightenment so contradict this divine benevolence by destroying all those who refuse to believe in him?" His words reached Gerak, whose faith began to waiver, and who turned away from the Ori, sacrificing himself instead to cure the Prior plague on Earth.

Cross Reference: Chulak, Gerak

Episode Reference: The Fourth Horseman