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Til'vak is a Jaffa who wears the tattoo of Ba'al and who remained in Ba'al's loyal service even after the fall of the System Lords. When Ba'al kidnapped members of the Jaffa High Council in an attempt to use brainwashing to take control of the Jaffa Nation, Til'vak was entrusted with the task of using various instruments of brainwashing and torture on Teal'c. By using a type of memory device that inflicts great pain, and by withholding tretonin, Til'vak attempted to turn Teal'c to a follower of Ba'al, confident that his will could be broken. When at last Teal'c submitted, it was only to feign allegiance before he turned on Ba'al and killed him.

Portrayed by: Yan Feldman

Cross Reference: Ba'al

Episode Reference: Stronghold