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Trelak was the First Prime of the System Lord Ares. As the war between Ba'al and the System Lords reached a critical stage, some of the System Lords who faced imminent defeat sought out areas of refuge on planets they had abandoned long ago. One such planet which used to fall under the domain of Ares was also the planet to which the Tok'ra had relocated Harry Maybourne two years earlier, and SG-1 was sent to evacuate the population before the planet could be recaptured by the Goa'uld. Maybourne had taken on the role of King Arkhan, a prophet among his people, and when Ares sent Trelak and his Jaffa in advance of his arrival to reclaim his world and to demand complete obedience, the people refused to submit and chose to fight in fulfillment of their king's prophecy. In hand to hand combat with Teal'c, Trelak was killed by a knife wound to the abdomen, and Ares was killed when O'Neill piloted an Ancient spacecraft to destroy his mothership in orbit above the planet.

Portrayed by: Wayne Brady

Cross Reference: King Arkhan, Garan, Jaffa

Episode Reference: It's Good to Be King