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Turghan is the chieftain of the Toughai on Simarka. A powerful warlord, he is allied with 22 clans and strictly follows the old ways of his people. When Abu, the son of rival chieftain Moughal, kidnapped Carter and offered her in trade, Turghan paid 300 weights of gold for her. His daughter Nya tried to flee with Abu in the hope of marrying him against her father's wishes, but she was captured and Turghan sentenced her to be stoned to death. However, the stoning was challenged by Moughal according to the old laws and the Song of Ankhan-Tyr in which "the spirits will strengthen the hand of the just." In hand-to-hand combat to the death, Turghan was defeated by Carter, however she spared his life. SG-1 was allowed to go free, and Abu and Nya were permitted to marry.

Portrayed by: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Cross Reference: Abu, Moughal, Nya, Shavadai, Simarka, Toughai

Episode Reference: Emancipation