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Valencia is one of the villagers in Camelot. Although a young woman, she is very skilled in swordplay, an ability usually left to the men, but she practices only to train her younger brother, Ramus, for knighthood. She proved her skill in a friendly demonstration with Mitchell, and she and her brother led SG-1 to Merlin's library but warned that the door was magicked. When the Black Knight appeared to terrorize the village, Valencia alone came to Mitchell's aid and drew the sword from the stone in the public square, tossing it to him to battle the knight. For her bravery, Valencia was proclaimed by the villagers as a hero, for her actions in removing the sword were considered a sign that King Arthur would soon return.

Portrayed by: Katharine Isabelle

Cross Reference: Camelot, Ramus, Sword in the Stone

Episode Reference: Camelot