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September 18, 1989

To promote the fifth season of MacGyver, Richard completed a series of interviews for local and regional stations across the country. From a studio in Vancouver, with a view of the city projected via blue screen behind him, he spoke to a series of interviewers via satellite. Because he was miked and picking up the interviewer's questions through his earpiece, only his side of the conversation can be heard on this footage of the satellite feed. He can also be heard between sessions interacting with other people in the studio.

During the interviews for cities like Cleveland, San Antonio, and Memphis, he spoke about the upcoming episode, Legend of the Holy Rose, he described his pride in the unique character and extolled the virtues of filming in Vancouver, he addressed questions about MacGyver's mysterious first name and the failed attempts to give him a romantic interest, he mentioned the loss of his dog Whiskey only weeks before, and he talked about some of the injuries he has sustained from stunts, as well as his celebrity hockey team which raises money for charity.

When the interviews were completed, he indulged his childlike side by changing into a blue shirt so that he could "disappear" against the blue screen background and play a bit with the special effects.