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The Vitalon Foods Company of Taiwan produced a series of advertisements to promote their vitamin enriched sports beverage, Super Supau, and they chose Richard Dean Anderson as their spokesperson because of his tremendous popularity in Taiwan as MacGyver.

Five commercials were produced, featuring several different sports or adventures including bicycling, repairing a jeep, rescuing a speed boat, tai chi, and jogging. In addition, a clip for Taiwanese television featured a behind-the-scenes glimpse during the filming of the commercials.

Behind-the-Scenes Transcript

In the behind-the-scenes video clip, two hosts speak to a member of the production.

Guest: We're here in a park in Los Angeles.
Host: Please tell us something out his age and his personality.
Guest: He is 186cm tall, his feet are big, and he wears size 11 shoes.
Hostess: Wow!
Guest: Basically, he is kind of an introvert. He is very kind and approachable. There were more than 30 people on the set, and he was very nice to all of us. He is a very likeable big boy.
Host: Is his personality just like MacGyver?
Guest: He's a hero who solves problems in the TV show 'MacGyver,' but in these commercials, you can see he is a very kind, amiable, healthy guy.
Hostess: He's very kind in 'MacGyver.' He never meant to kill anyone.
Host: Yeah, I've heard that he has never killed anyone in real life either.
Guest: Yeah, and he is witty. There's a kid skateboarding on the set, and we've had many bloopers. He's a very patient man. He even comforted the kid and told him to take it easy, no rush.
Hostess: Maybe the kid was nervous because he was working with a famous actor.
Host: Is this commercial for a bicycle? He has been riding a bicycle from beginning to end.
Guest: This is a sports drink commercial, therefore we needed someone who is healthy.
Host: No wonder they didn't ask me for my endorsement. How come he fell down suddenly?
Guest: We hadn't noticed that there's a truck off to the side.
Hostess: He kept riding his bicycle even after he hit the truck! No wonder he is the hero!
Host: Do you know how old he is?
Guest: Under 40 years old, I think.
Hostess: He is single.
Guest: He has never been married. And his birthday is on January 23rd.
Host: Thank you.

Translation and transcription provided by FangYi, with many thanks.

Video clips courtesy of Pinpin-k, Pei, Nora, Rex, FangYi, and the RDA fans in Taiwan.
Vitalon Foods Company, 1990-1991