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September 16, 1990

Richard appeared on E! News Daily to promote the sixth season of MacGyver, and he shared a clip from the upcoming Tough Boys episode. He talked about parallels between his own personality and that of MacGyver as well as parallels between his Minnesota upbringing and working in Canada. He also shared his lost dream of professional hockey and his continuing love of the sport through his celebrity team that allows him to skate with his idols for charity. When challenged to "make something" from a random plug and telephone receiver, he declined, but he talked about how the show teaches a way of thinking, and he shared the story of a little girl who had been abducted and used what she had learned from MacGyver to help her escape her captors. When asked about his private life, he was thrown by the reference to being "the sex thing," but he shared that he has a healthy private life that remains private.