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October 29, 1996

Richard visited with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show to promote his upcoming miniseries, "Pandora's Clock." Before he came out, guest Rhea Perlman had been discussing chewing gum, and so Richard arrived with a handful of packs of gum to share with the audience. He explained that he had been taking hot showers to soothe a cold and a bad back, until he recently fell asleep in the shower and the water became cold, resulting in "massive shrinkage." Brought back to the topic of his love life, Richard spoke highly of the woman he has been dating (Apryl Prose) without giving her name. He talked about recent injuries from hockey and skiing, each resulting in knee surgery, his subsequent decision to try a more low-impact sport, and his recent afternoon of golf with friends during which he failed to observe proper golf etiquette. Finally, he described the premise of the "HUGE" miniseries, "Pandora's Clock."