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September 18, 2015

During his visit to Australia for Oz Comic-Con, Richard participated in a number of promotional interviews. Among them was a radio interview with Clare Blake for 4BC Afternoons. They spoke about the popularity of the MacGyver character, as described in the article accompanying the interview:

Richard Dean Anderson will always be known as MacGyver and this week he told Clare Blake that's ok by him.

"You've got to make your peace with the constant attention for one thing. Thankfully I did Stargate some years later and that gave people something else to talk about."

MacGyver ran for seven years from 1985 through to 1992, starring Anderson as a secret agent with an endless amount of tricks up his sleeve to turn everyday objects into lifesaving resources.

The show stretched the bounds of reality so much so that Mythbusters hosted a MacGyver special to test out some of MacGyver's best lifesaving gadgets.

Even though they busted all of MacGyver's myths, Anderson says he loves the show!

"Part of the comedy you're talking about in MacGyver is the un-credibility of some of the things we could not do!"

Audio courtesy of 4BC Afternoons.