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November 26, 2016

During his visit to France, "Le Petit Q," a segment on French television, took a humorous look at the Toulouse Game Show and the celebrity that everyone had come to see - Richard Dean Anderson. Video courtesy of Le Petit Q. English translation below courtesy of tvero.

Le Petit Q On a Retrouvé MacGyver

Who was at the Toulouse Game Show last weekend? Along with Pikachu, Manga Princess, and some other weird creatures, there was also a Hollywood star who came from the United States. Oh My God!

But who are we talking about?
-"Richard Dean Anderson, Richard Dean Anderson..."

Richard Dean Anderson, the most famous mullet of the 80s, the hero of the cult series MacGyver. Remember him? He could open a Swiss army knife with his fingers, do rolls without breaking his bones, push barbed wire with his foot, tear electric wires with his bare hands, plant a cable in chewing gum to blow everything up.

An iconic series, and each fan has a favorite episode:
-"ants in the jungle ... he used a special suit"
-"caught in an avalanche ... he found a way to show where he was"
-"return to the Middle Ages ... we learned his first name"

He had a casual style of clothing, but he attracted the ladies:
-"I was in love with him, like many others..."
-"I used to watch MacGyver with my sister and mother..."
-"The most handsome man of my time..."

Even our favorite fan brushed up on her English especially for the occasion to talk to him.
-"What are you going to tell him?"
-"I am one of your fans" (in English)

Now he's retired but goes to conventions to sign autographs.

You can't wait? You want to see him? Here he is.

He still has reflexes to find secret passages between cars, drinks Red Bull to be fit, knows ways to make ink dry faster.

But he can't always recognize costumes.
-"The Joker?"

After 5,000 autographs he seemed a little tired.
-"I could use a nap."

At the end, happy it was over, even if he said the opposite.

But one can't speak about MacGyver without speaking of the legendary music credits... and with pictures it's even better.