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Amaterasu, a Goa'uld System Lord, is the Japanese sun goddess. She joined Camulus and Yu in a diplomatic mission to the SGC to negotiate an alliance between the System Lords and Earth for the purpose of destroying Ba'al. Dr. Weir refused to meet the Goa'uld demands, and the System Lords were detained on Earth when the SGC learned that a Goa'uld ship had been sent to test Earth's defenses. The ship was destroyed by Ba'al before it could reach Earth, however, and Dr. Weir, believing that the System Lords were more valuable fighting Ba'al than remaining as prisoners, released them through the stargate without the alliance they sought. As one System Lord after another fell to the forces of Ba'al, Amaterasu and Yu united and rallied their armies for one final stand against their enemy. However, they were confronted by an even greater enemy as the Replicators swept across the galaxy. In the battle against the Replicators, many of Amaterasu's forces were destroyed, and Amaterasu may have met the same fate.

Portrayed by: Kira Clavell

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Camulus, Goa'uld, System Lords, Yu

Episode Reference: New Order