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Camulus, a Goa'uld System Lord, was the Celtic god of war. After his fleet was destroyed and his domain fell to Ba'al, Camulus joined Amaterasu and Yu in a diplomatic mission to the SGC. Hoping that Earth had the power to defeat Ba'al as it had defeated Anubis, the System Lords insisted that the Protected Planets Treaty had become invalid and they proposed a treaty with Earth for the purpose of destroying Ba'al. Dr. Weir, recognizing that their true purpose was to gain access to Ancient technology, refused to meet their demands and detained them on Earth when they abruptly ended negotiations and secretly sent for a ship to test Earth's defenses. The ship was destroyed by Ba'al before it could reach Earth, and when the System Lords were released without the alliance they sought, Camulus instead requested asylum on Earth and remained behind, branded a traitor and a coward by the others.

Camulus made the gesture of offering Ancient technology to the SGC, but his information led to a zero point module that Camulus had previously sabotaged and which could have destroyed the solar system. O'Neill called his bluff and offered Camulus a chance to destroy Ba'al by bringing the tainted ZPM to Ba'al and then using it against him. However, O'Neill substituted Earth's dead ZPM for the tainted one, and sent Camulus through the stargate to Ba'al with a useless offering rather than a device that could have been used to annihilate Earth. Once Ba'al had defeated Camulus, his forces moved to claim every world that was once part of his domain.

Portrayed by: Steve Bacic

Cross Reference: Amaterasu, Ba'al, Goa'uld, Protected Planets Treaty, System Lords, Yu, Zero Point Module

Episode Reference: New Order, Zero Hour