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Antonius was the village historian of Camelot on PX1-767, and he welcomed SG-1 warmly. Although many in Camelot refused to speak of Merlin out of fear of his dark magic, Antonius willingly answered SG-1's questions about the wizard, however he feared the curse of the Black Knight and he refused at first to help SG-1 gain access to Merlin's library, insisting that he would not be party to their deaths. When at last he was persuaded to assist them secretly under cover of darkness, he used the key from the archive to unlock the door, but he would go no farther than the main room. He refused to enter the hidden chamber and took his leave, but he removed one of the books and took it with him. When he returned home, the holographic image of the Black Knight appeared in his bedchamber. His wife, Livia, discovered his body, slain by the Knight, and the village feared the reawakening of the curse.

Portrayed by: David Thomson

Cross Reference: Black Knight, Camelot, Merlin's Library, Meurik

Episode Reference: Camelot